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Hand off Infrastructure Hosting.

Allow us to handle hosting your various blockchain related nodes so you can focus on building out your project.

Questions? Contact us and we would be more than happy to chat! 


Pricing to meet your needs

Ceramic Shared


This would provide you with access to a set of nodes that would be shared with other projects. 


Hosted Ceramic nodes with Geo-LoadBalancing


Access to general support channel in Discord

Ceramic Private


This provides a private node that only you have access to.


Privated Hosted Ceramic node with Geo-LoadBlancing


Private channel in Discord for support

Managed Services

Contact Us

If you are interested in us managing this in your environment or any other services please feel out the contact form and we will be in touch. 


Primary Features

Our goal is to provide solid hosting for your business to help ensure that your project or company is successful. 

Proper Hosting

We work to provide hosting based on the recommended methods of hosting it. 

Strong Security

We want to ensure that your node is up and running and not compromised

Easy Integration

We provide you with the URLs needed to interact with your instance and then manage the rest.